Friday, November 3, 2017

50/50 Breakfast

Alrighty now, when it comes to hungry.... ehh starving kids we have the hungriest (sounds like we're proud, we're not😕) . Landon is a food junkie, it really is his number one favorite thing. So much so we had to theme his first birthday party Food.

Waking up this morning before our alarm and after a long night - Claudia fed every hour and Landon found himself in our bed for the majority of the night (really grateful for our king size bed). We got Teddy (4.5years) up and moving. What an emo wreck he was this morning - talk about the wrong side of the bed. He demanded that I dress him while he watched YouTube. Lacking in the energy department and not a sip of coffee yet I complied 😞

Struggling to get Teddy out the door and careful of the way I talked to him as to not send him in a tantrum we made it to the car and to my surprise got him dropped off at school with a smiling face. Oh the roller coaster of emotions children have.

I came home to an eerie silence in the house; the calm before the storm. Landon had just woke up and that meant his internal hunger timer started. This is the window we have from wakeup to feeding and its a short window. If we don't make it on time its a meltdown. Today I didn't make it.

I'm so thankful that Rachele is home! She was able to tame the beast enough for me to fire up a 50/50 breakfast. 50/50 Breakfast is a kinda healthy kinda not. Today I made french toast, I used wheat bread so I felt that was healthy but the syrup not so much. Landon wasn't impressed so I whipped out the Cool Whip, talk about a hit Landon destroyed his breakfast and hopefully with a full belly he can have a full nap :)

BTW - The french toast didnt look like steak in person ⬆⬆⬆

Okay here this one is better ⬇

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