Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New addition!

The most overwhelmingly, fully felt experiences are the ones that are developed slowly and come together in an instant.
- Me at like 2:00am half asleep! 😎

Last week that thought was realized when we welcomed Claudia into our world. Delivery via a C-section was smooth and with the trained nursing staff we felt "right at home".

We stayed at Erlanger Women's East facility and were super excited about the size of the room. I was able to get comfy on a fat super faux leather couch. Luck was in our favor as Claudia was an incredible sleeper! (like really good slept 4 hours at time)   Also to both or favors she is a great nurser. Selfish me enjoys it for the main reason I don't have to wake up to feed her haha. Honestly we're pleased because we know its the healthiest for her and Rachele.

So here the thing, the number one part of the hospital stay that I despise is company. I love friends and family and I value the time with them buttttt... for some reason I feel like im there to entertain all of them. Im not sure why I feel that but its super stressful! LOL.

Anyway I'm pleased to let everyone know that we were there for minimum time and left on the third morning. Discharge was simple and quick and heading home was much easier thanks to the minivan we added to the fleet last year.

We can't wait to see her grow in the next few weeks and watch that personality develop! Im going to drop some photos right below this text!

Thanks for reading-

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